Former Volunteer Opens Second Season of Podcast

Former Precious Blood Volunteer John Lee

Precious Blood Volunteer Alumnus John Lee is out with his second season of his podcast “Starting with a Story.”  The second season of “Starting with a Story” features interviews with individuals who have interesting stories to tell.
John’s experience of service as a Precious Blood Volunteer was part of his reasoning to start this podcast. John said that “since being [in Kansas City] and working with the students, I’ve wanted to share and connect with even more people.” He continues that he “brainstormed a bunch of ways I could pursue that goal and I came across the idea of podcasting and felt that it could create that bridge! And, so here I am, one microphone, one laptop, and limitless hope for the future.”
John is partnering with Cristo Rey Kansas City High School for Season 2. John served at Cristo Rey while he was a Precious Blood Volunteer in the fall of 2017. All donations John receives from Season 2 will go in support of Cristo Rey.

Former Precious Blood Volunteer Finds Joy in Podcasting

John Lee (far left, back row) pictured with his fellow 2017 Precious Blood Volunteers

During John Lee’s term of service as a Precious Blood Volunteer he spent a great deal of time organizing get togethers with the staff at Cristo Rey Kansas City High School where he served, setting up outings with the Precious Blood and Jesuit Volunteers, and initiated weekly sharing sessions with the Precious Blood Volunteer community in Kansas City. The experiences of helping connect people was something John wanted to continue after his service experience.
As he was wrapping up his term of service as a Precious Blood Volunteer at Cristo Rey  in December he said he “brainstormed a bunch of ways I could pursue that goal and came across the idea of podcasting and felt that it could create that bridge!” He began writing, recording and producing a  a podcast called “Starting With A Story.” “Starting With A Story” is a podcast that comes out on Monday mornings. John shares a wisdom story that covers topics from personal growth to life lessons to connecting with others. These stories are followed with John’s takeaways and specific parts of the story that resonate with him the most. The podcast finishes with a challenge to take on in order to improve and grow in your own lives based on the lessons from the story.

Former Precious Blood Volunteer John Lee (2017)

John will be completing his first season of “Starting with a Story” with the tenth episode. He is planning on starting work on Season 2 after a brief hiatus. His hope is to begin interviewing people about the stories they have shared with him.
You can listen to “Starting With A Story” at the podcast’s website,, or wherever you find your podcasts.
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Introducing the 2017-2018 Precious Blood Volunteers: John Lee

2017 Volunteer John Lee

John Lee will serve as a Precious Blood Volunteer at Cristo Rey Kansas City High School. He is a native of Galloway Township, New Jersey and attended Villanova University. John graduated from Villanova in May with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with business and mechatronics minors. He has committed to serve for the first semester of the 2017-2018 school year at Cristo Rey and will be working with students in the STEM subjects.

  • Why do you want to volunteer?

“I want to volunteer to pursue an urge within me that has led me to serving others. I want to challenge myself and grow together with a community to see the full beauty of this life.”

  • Why do you want to volunteer with Precious Blood Volunteers?

“Precious Blood Volunteers really resonated with me due to the emphasis on community and children. I love the concept of teaching the future of tomorrow today and I felt that Precious Blood Volunteers meshes well with that idea.”

  • What are you looking forward to about your volunteer experience?

“I am looking forward to utilizing my skills and talents to help serve others. I am especially interested in working towards finding the balance between engineering and service. The thought of immersing myself into a completely new environment and imagining who I will meet and who I will become on the other end fuels my excitement for this experience.”

2017-2018 Volunteers Update

Former Precious Blood Volunteer, Ryan Cornelissen, tutoring a student at Cristo Rey Kansas City High School

by Tim Deveney, Director of Precious Blood Volunteers
I am excited to announce that we will have six and possibly seven new volunteers this coming volunteer cycle. They are a well-accomplished group with varied backgrounds, work experience, interests, and educational training. They will bring energy, youth, experience, and passion to the Precious Blood community and to the people they serve.
This group of volunteers will be living and working in Kansas City and Chicago serving and walking with people who have been marginalized in our society.  In Kansas City we will have volunteers serving at KC CARE Clinic, Cristo Rey Kansas City High School, and St. James Place (part of the Bishop Sullivan Center). They will live in community at Gaspar Mission House.

Jade Bowman, a former Precious Blood Volunteer, taking the vitals of a patient at KC CARE Clinic

The Chicago volunteers will serve at Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (PBMR). They will be our first volunteers serving at PBMR since Bonnie Kane served there in 2011. The female volunteers will be living with the Dayton Precious Blood sisters and the male volunteer will live at the Formation House in Hyde Park.
One group of volunteers will begin their Orientation in the first week of August and the second group will participate in Orientation in September. Early in the summer we will be introducing each one of them to the Precious Blood community.
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