2017 Volunteer John Lee

John Lee will serve as a Precious Blood Volunteer at Cristo Rey Kansas City High School. He is a native of Galloway Township, New Jersey and attended Villanova University. John graduated from Villanova in May with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with business and mechatronics minors. He has committed to serve for the first semester of the 2017-2018 school year at Cristo Rey and will be working with students in the STEM subjects.

  • Why do you want to volunteer?

“I want to volunteer to pursue an urge within me that has led me to serving others. I want to challenge myself and grow together with a community to see the full beauty of this life.”

  • Why do you want to volunteer with Precious Blood Volunteers?

“Precious Blood Volunteers really resonated with me due to the emphasis on community and children. I love the concept of teaching the future of tomorrow today and I felt that Precious Blood Volunteers meshes well with that idea.”

  • What are you looking forward to about your volunteer experience?

“I am looking forward to utilizing my skills and talents to help serve others. I am especially interested in working towards finding the balance between engineering and service. The thought of immersing myself into a completely new environment and imagining who I will meet and who I will become on the other end fuels my excitement for this experience.”