Precious Blood Media Resources During COVID-19 Crisis, March 23-27, 2020

Since so many people are sheltering at home during the COVID-19 crisis, we thought it would be helpful to provide a round-up of resources that the Kansas City and Cincinnati Province communities have posted over the last week. The links below include print, photo, and video materials from both provinces.

Video-“Tapping the Wine Cellar” Gospel reflection for March 29th with Fr. Keith Branson, Vicky Otto, and Tim Deveney:

Text-Reflection on 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of Oscar Romero, by Fr. Joe Nassal:

Video-Fr. Ron Will’s Lenten Reflection 1:

Video-Fr. Ron Will’s Lenten Reflection 2:

Text-Reflections from Precious Blood Renewal Center:

Photo-Prayer to St. Gaspar During the COVID-19 Crisis:

Video-Fr. Timothy Knepper Reflection for March 25:

Text-Checklist of Hope by Fr. Angelo Anthony:

Video-Fr. Timothy Armbruster Reflection 1:

Video-Fr. Timothy Armbruster Reflection 2:

Text-Reflection from Greg Evers (in formation):



Two Members of Vietnam Mission Ordained Deacons in Rome

by Fr. Garry Richmeier, C.PP.S., Kansas City Provincial Director

The Kansas City Province and Vietnam Mission are pleased to announce the diaconate ordination of Paul Hao Pham and Vincent Hoa Vu Thai of the Vietnam Mission. The ordinations took place on November 10, 2019, at Corpo e Sangue di Cristo Church in Via Narni, Italy. Bishop Gianpiero Palmieri, auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Rome ordained Hao and Hoa.

Paul Hao Pham Xuan Anh studied language and law at university and worked for Sanyo Electric Company prior to joining the Missionaries of the Precious Blood Vietnam Mission in 2009. He graduated with a degree in theology from the Dominican Center in 2017. Currently, he serves as the co-director of the Vocation Team for the mission and serves in ministry at Tan Thanh Parish.

Vincent Vu Thai Hoa is originally from Dong Nai Province in Vietnam. He was a music teacher prior to beginning his studies in theology at the Dominican School. In July of this year, he was appointed as local director of Than Thanh Mission and codirector of the Vocation Team. He also serves as the treasurer of the Vietnam Mission.

On behalf of the Kansas City Provincial Council, I sincerely request all in the Precious Blood community to remember Hao and Hoa in prayer. May the blood of Christ continue to bless them in their faith journey.

Celebration of the Feast of St. Gaspar in Vietnam Mission

by Fr. Dien Truong, C.PP.S.

On the Feast of St. Gaspar, members of the Vietnam Mission, ASC members, local diocesan priests, candidates, and friends gathered together in our mission of Tan Thanh (about 100 miles away from Xavier House) to celebrate the Mass and have a dinner party following.

At this event, I’ve learned that our members and candidates have developed their friendships quickly. It gives us opportunities to expand our mission by establishing the very first group of Companions or working in ministries where we find the most need of renewal and the spirituality of the Precious Blood, which has never been known.

If the dream of St. Gaspar was to have a thousand tongues to proclaim the blood of the Lord, today, we need a thousand hands to serve those who thirst and hunger for God’s love.

Saint Gaspar Celebration in Missouri

Members and Companions gathered at Saint Francis Xavier Church in Saint Joseph to celebrate the feast of Saint Gaspar on Sunday, October 27. During a prayer service Jeanne Keck, Dee Baker, TR Lee and Ed Franz from the Liberty Companions made their first covenants with the Precious Blood community yesterday at our St. Gaspar feast day celebration. Congratulations also to St. Joseph Companion Cayetana Maristela who renewed her covenant. The Saint Joseph Companions as well as Fr. Joe, Fr. Bill and Fr. Lac offered wonderful hospitality for this special day.