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Lay associates of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.
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Inspired by our founder, St. Gaspar, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood envision a community where priests, brothers, and lay people—called “Companions”—unite to become voices that proclaim the Most Precious Blood of Christ. Their lives of service and ministry in the world are a vital witness to the power of the blood of Christ given so freely to all the people of God.

A Companion practices and integrates into his or her daily life a spirituality of the Precious Blood. This spirituality transforms the Companion into a person who brings life where people experience death, and gives hope in times of suffering and despair.

A Companion forms a relationship with the community of Missionaries. Through written covenants, Companions walk side by side with the Missionaries, sharing at the table of the Eucharist and striving together to understand how the Spirit is moving us to respond to the needs of the world.

A Companion gives witness to the world as a missionary beyond the Community and the Church and into the world, increasing the circle of God’s love, focusing most especially on those who are poor and marginalized in Church and society.

The Companions of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood are grateful for the continued financial support that we receive  from the Kansas City and Cincinnati Provinces.

Precious Blood Companion News

Tapping the Wine Cellar-January 14, 2021

Tapping the Wine Cellar-January 14, 2021

Please join Vicky, Tim, and Fr. Bill Hubmann for this recording of January 14th’s Tapping the Wine Cellar! We hope you can take some time to explore the readings for Sunday using this video as a jumping-off point.

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End Capital Punishment-No To The Death Penalty

End Capital Punishment-No To The Death Penalty

by Gabino Zavala, Peace & Justice Director At 1:31 am EST on January 13 Lisa Montgomery was executed by the United States Federal Government. She became the first woman executed in nearly 70 years. Her life was marked by extreme child sexual abuse, torture and...

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