UPDATE Regarding Suspension of Events at Province Headquarters 

May 28, 2020 —As many places have begun to “open-up” with the relaxing of the shelter-in-place orders, we have received inquiries about plans to open the provincial headquarters for activities. The leadership council and province staff have determined that we will wait to open the center to activities for now. We have decided that two things must happen before a gradual restart of activity at the center will be allowed:

  1. The number of new cases of COVID-19 infection in our region shows a continued decline
  2. There is not an increase in COVID-19 infections as the rest of the community opens up

We are closely monitoring the situation and pay special attention to the advice of local health departments and the CDC. Our decision regarding when to reopen the center will be based on our assessment of our ability to keep people safe while visiting the center.

If you need to contact a staff member, please utilize the Contact Us form on this website.

Please click on the News link and also follow the province’s Facebook page for updates and meditations, reflections, and conversations during this interesting time in our history.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood

We are a Society of Apostolic Life, priests and brothers, together with lay associates—Companions—and Precious Blood Volunteers, who share a common mission of service to the Church, living a community life, sustained by a spirituality of the Blood of Christ.

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Serve God With Holy Joy

We are a “Society of Apostolic Life,” priests and brothers, sharing a common mission of service to the Church, living a community life, sustained by a spirituality of the Blood of Christ. These three pillars—mission, community, and spirituality—support our life and work together.


Are you called to a Precious Blood life?

Precious Blood spirituality sends us out to the edges where people are suffering. Through renewal of the Church and reconciliation of the world through Christ, we seek to be with people who are hurting and build bridges through Christ’s love.


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Inspired by St. Gaspar, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood envision a community where priests, brothers, and lay people—called “Companions”—unite to become voices that proclaim the Most Precious Blood of Christ.


Walk with those who suffer

Precious Blood Volunteers will help you grow in your faith and discern your life calling by building community, walking with people who are suffering, and seeking reconciliation in a divided world.

How Am I Called to a
Precious Blood Life?

“Following the example and inspiration of St. Gaspar, our Precious Blood Community is called to fan into a flame the renewal today. He challenges me to not grow weary, but to stay energized about the mission of evangelization and renewal.”

– Fr. Ron Will, C.PP.S

“I feel privileged to be invited into people’s lives through the sacraments, whether it is at the beginning of life or the end of life, during an illness of body or soul,  or regular communion. These moments are truly grace-filled moments.”

– Fr. Mark Yates, C.PP.S.

“As Precious Blood Missionaries, we see Christ’s shedding of his blood as a call to breach walls that divide, make openings where ‘two (or more) can walk abreast,’ and to stand in solidarity with those who suffer injustice in the world.” – Fr. John Wolf, C.PP.S.

“As Missionaries of the Precious Blood, we are called also to share our light with all people. Every human person is important and has value. Our light loses nothing by sharing it. As we share our light, it becomes even brighter.” – Fr. Joe Miller, C.PP.S.

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