Lectionary Catechesis: OT 2A, January 15, 2017

The Sacrament of Baptism is so central to our Christian identify, that the Church has a second Sunday (when the Baptism of Our Lord is celebrated on a Sunday) in a row to emphasize this and increase our understanding. CCC 536 and 713 may be the two key passages. At the same time Baptism is a multifaceted diamond in our lives. A conversation on reconciliation and sin may also be informative and compelling for our faith to grow. Baptism leads to the service of evangelization. A secondary theme this Sunday is the necessary presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, which enables us to bear the fruits of the Spirit. This Spirit vivifies the Church. At the beginning of the new year, this may be a good weekend to take the “temperature” of the Spirit in personal or parish life. Thirdly, there is the will of God.
OT 2 A Lectionary Catechesis

Lectionary Catechesis: Epiphany, January 8, 2017

Beginning with the Annunciation, through Christmas, and to the Epiphany, the Gospel is revealed to us. (CCC1171) Epiphany means “a showing forth, a manifestation”. In some ways this is a high feast of evangelization for the whole Church and the world. Remember part of Pope Francis’s Christmas message was to invite even atheists to work together with us for peace, as some vision we can all share. There are obstacles to evangelization, one being the marriage in our culture of Church to Society and the life of the anonymous Christian. Christianity should be lived in the light of the Christ. The central themes this Sunday are homage, evangelization, and gifting the poor and oppressed, of whom we have plenty in the modern world. This feast sets out the mission of the Church, and its symbols of light reflect Pentecost.
Epiphany ABC Lectionary Catechesis

Prayer for the United States Elections

Let us be united in prayer

from your own sacred space at home,

in nature or your own worship space

as we Pray for a Peaceful Election Day

that respects the dignity of all people

and for the soon to be elected leaders of the United States.


Gabino Zavala
Justice and Peace Director

Corporate Stance on Gun Violence

Motivated by the Blood of Christ and called to be ministers of reconciliation, we, the Missionaries and Companions of the Precious Blood, Kansas City Province, affirm our belief in the sacredness of life. Present laws making it possible for uncontrolled and unlimited access to weapons and ammunition of any amount and any type do not foster a culture of life. Local, state and national legislators must pass reasonable laws which will curb the culture of violence tearing apart the fabric of our nation. The “cry of the Blood” (Genesis 4:10) demands we do no less. We come together to confront evil manifested by the culture of violence. Bonded in charity, creating a safe environment for our children, we seek to promote a culture of life and peace. We advocate for measures that reflect our founder, St. Gaspar’s message, “try to make every effort to bring everything to a peaceful solution.” Therefore, we will encourage and support the following measures to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to keep weapons out of the hands of those who seek to harm others:

  • Require background checks on all gun purchases
  • Enforcement of gun trafficking laws
  • Pass laws banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  • Pass laws to fund violence prevention programs
  • Do not support any measures increasing armed guards in schools
  • Make gun safety education necessary for owning a gun