Former Precious Blood Volunteer John Lee

Precious Blood Volunteer Alumnus John Lee is out with his second season of his podcast “Starting with a Story.”  The second season of “Starting with a Story” features interviews with individuals who have interesting stories to tell.
John’s experience of service as a Precious Blood Volunteer was part of his reasoning to start this podcast. John said that “since being [in Kansas City] and working with the students, I’ve wanted to share and connect with even more people.” He continues that he “brainstormed a bunch of ways I could pursue that goal and I came across the idea of podcasting and felt that it could create that bridge! And, so here I am, one microphone, one laptop, and limitless hope for the future.”
John is partnering with Cristo Rey Kansas City High School for Season 2. John served at Cristo Rey while he was a Precious Blood Volunteer in the fall of 2017. All donations John receives from Season 2 will go in support of Cristo Rey.