Former Volunteer Opens Second Season of Podcast

2018-05-11T15:08:37+00:00 May 11th, 2018|Volunteers, Weekly Wine Press|

Former Precious Blood Volunteer John Lee Precious Blood Volunteer Alumnus John Lee is out with his second season of his podcast "Starting with a Story."  The second season of "Starting with a Story" features interviews with individuals who have interesting stories to tell. John’s experience of service as a Precious Blood Volunteer was [...]

Unlearning Racism: A Volunteer’s Journey

2018-05-10T14:33:40+00:00 May 1st, 2018|The New Wine Press, Volunteers|

by Leah Landry, Precious Blood Volunteer Most white people do not want to talk about race. In fact, I feel uncomfortable typing this article right now. I am so scared of saying something wrong or implying something hurtful so it would be easier to stay silent. But after Chicago Regional Organizing for Anti-Racism’s training (C-ROAR), [...]

Making a Difference One Case at a Time

2018-04-30T09:26:37+00:00 April 28th, 2018|Volunteers, Weekly Wine Press|

Alia Sisson (left) with PBV Director Tim Deveney and fellow PBV Lota Ofodile By Alia Sisson During my time interning at the U.S. Senate in college, I had the distinguished title of “Intern 6.” While it was important work I was honored to do, I couldn’t help feeling a bit like a tiny [...]

Making Impressions

2018-04-10T11:56:50+00:00 April 10th, 2018|PBMR, Volunteers, Weekly Wine Press|

Saiveon and Branden begin their training by Hector Avitia, Precious Blood Volunteer During this Easter season we are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus after being in the tomb for three days. At Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (PBMR), we are also celebrating the return of the screen printing program, known as "Making Impressions." [...]

Liberty and Justice for All

2018-04-10T11:10:35+00:00 April 1st, 2018|The New Wine Press, Volunteers|

Precious Blood Volunteers Martin Echtler, Lota Ofodile, and Alia Sisson with Tim Deveney by Alia Sisson, Precious Blood Volunteer “I practice the 'highest' law in the 'highest' court, the law of charity in the court of heaven.” – Sr. Nirmala Joshi As I gear up for the biggest test of my life, the [...]

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018

2018-03-08T12:59:10+00:00 March 8th, 2018|Volunteers, Weekly Wine Press|

We join in celebrating International Women's Day by sharing reflections from current Precious Blood Volunteers and alumnae. Enjoy!   Lota Ofodile (2017) Leah Landry (2017) Alia Sisson (2017) Jade Bowman (2015) Patricia Wood (2014) Vanessa Steger (2014) Nora O'Connell (2013) Kara McNamara (2013) Leah Yeo (2013) Maggie Nickels (2012) Bonnie Kane (2011) To learn more [...]

Strong, Unified, and Here to Stay

2018-05-11T09:35:34+00:00 March 1st, 2018|PBMR, The New Wine Press, Volunteers|

by Leah Landry, current Precious Blood Volunteer The women of PBMR. Not a phrase you hear often at a Center started by four priests as a safe haven for young men. But over the past few years, the women in the neighborhood have become vital members of the PBMR community. On Saturday, February 3, these [...]

God Chose You, Remember That!

2018-05-22T14:55:13+00:00 March 1st, 2018|The New Wine Press, Volunteers|

Precious Blood Volunteers' Orientation, July 2017, Leah Landry, John Lee, Hector Avitia, and Lota Ofodile by Lota Ofodile, current Precious Blood Volunteer There’s an old story that has been circulating in my family for years now, since I was born—the tale of how I got my name. Legend has it that my grandfather [...]

PBMR and Precious Blood Volunteers at the Kroc Institute

2018-02-28T13:33:03+00:00 February 27th, 2018|PBMR, Volunteers, Weekly Wine Press|

Father Dave Kelly, C.PP.S. speaking at the Kroc Institute Father Dave Kelly, C.PP.S.'s speech from October 2017 at the Kroc Institute for Peace at the University of Notre Dame was recently profiled on the Kroc Institute's website. Father Kelly spoke about restorative justice and the work of Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (PBMR). [...]

Auf Wiedersehen Martin!

2018-02-10T10:49:51+00:00 February 10th, 2018|Volunteers, Weekly Wine Press|

Martin Echtler serving dinner at Bishop Sullivan Center Tomorrow morning, Sunday, February 11, 2018, Martin Echtler will be returning to his home in Munich, Germany. Martin completed his service as a Precious Blood Volunteer at the Bishop Sullivan Center on Friday, February 8. Martin's positive personality and desire to learn from others will [...]