2023-2024 Precious Blood Volunteer, Clare Brown

Meet Clare Brown! She’s one of the 2023-2024 Precious Blood Volunteers.

Clare is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. She earned a degree in sociology, along with supplementary majors in peace studies, and education, schooling and society. Clare is from Arlington Heights, Illinois. She will be serving at Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (PBMR) in Chicago, Illinois.

Why do you want to volunteer?

“Studying Sociology, Peace Studies, and ESS at Notre Dame greatly increased my awareness of the many ways in which interconnected structures of violence and systemic inequality perpetuate injustice within society. At the same time, my faith calls me to create God’s vision for the world despite the many complex challenges we face. I want to volunteer because it provides an opportunity to put both my education and my faith into action in pursuit of the common good.”

Why do you want to volunteer with Precious Blood Volunteers?

“I was drawn to Precious Blood Volunteers specifically because of its emphasis on seeking reconciliation and deep commitment to accompanying marginalized people. I wanted to be a part of an organization whose work contributes to making a world rooted in peace, justice, and compassion ever more possible and imminent every day. Additionally, I am looking to gain knowledge and skills related to restorative justice, and the placement at PBMR provides an opportunity to learn from people who are doing amazing work in that area.”

What are you looking forward to about your volunteer experience?

“I am looking forward to learning from the work of PBMR and the many ways in which they practice restorative justice in concrete ways. I know that I have much to learn, and I am excited to learn with and from others in the community! I can’t wait to see how God will surprise me throughout my volunteer year with relationships and challenges that push me to grow in empathy, curiosity, and commitment to the flourishing of all people.”

Learn more about Precious Blood Volunteers at preciousbloodvolunteers.org.