2023-2024 Precious Blood Volunteer, Claire Downs

Meet Claire Downs! She’s one of the 2023-2024 Precious Blood Volunteers.

Claire graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Claire has a degree in biology and a double minor in public health and psychology. She will be serving at KC CARE Health Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Her main duties at KC CARE will be serving as a community health worker. As a community health worker she will help address the needs of KC CARE’s patients that impact their overall health. Claire will be the first of our volunteers to work as a community health worker. In the past our volunteers have served as medical assistants. This will give our volunteers an opportunity to walk more closely, and learn from, the people KC CARE serves.

Why do you want to volunteer?

“I want to volunteer to put the faith that I have been working to grow into action and serve others. I want every person that I meet to know that they are loved and that they are worthy. My goal is to live my life from a place of empathy and compassion, a life that comes from giving of myself to the Lord and living out the mission of Precious Blood!”

Why do you want to volunteer with Precious Blood Volunteers?

“I love the way that Precious Blood works with programs that are already in place to serve those in need, bringing the mission of relationship and reconciliation into the heart of these organizations. It allows me to use my gifts in a new form of service for the Lord!”

What are you looking forward to about your volunteer experience?

“I am excited to build community with others who are trying to live out Christ’s love. I am also excited to encounter the Lord through everyone that I meet and to have conversations with the people I’m serving!”

Learn more about Precious Blood Volunteers at preciousbloodvolunteers.org.