Unlearning Racism: A Volunteer’s Journey

2018-05-10T14:33:40+00:00May 1st, 2018|The New Wine Press, Volunteers|

by Leah Landry, Precious Blood Volunteer Most white people do not want to talk about race. In fact, I feel uncomfortable typing this article right now. I am so scared of saying something wrong or implying something hurtful so it would be easier to stay silent. But after Chicago Regional Organizing for Anti-Racism’s training (C-ROAR), [...]

Liberty and Justice for All

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Precious Blood Volunteers Martin Echtler, Lota Ofodile, and Alia Sisson with Tim Deveney by Alia Sisson, Precious Blood Volunteer “I practice the 'highest' law in the 'highest' court, the law of charity in the court of heaven.” – Sr. Nirmala Joshi As I gear up for the biggest test of my life, the [...]