Clearly the main theological point this Sunday is the resurrection. In light of today’s cultural views and fears about the end of the world and other apocalyptic scenarios, it is good to focus on this central truth of our faith. While it is tempting for people to focus on the multiples marriages legal case proposed by the Sadducees, it is best to keep the emphasis on the teachings of Jesus from vss. 34-38. Actually there are four distinct things happening in the complex answer that Jesus gives. Jesus addresses the end of the world in the following Sunday’s readings. It may be good to start with a reading of the two resurrection statements in the Creed with a contemplative pause. Then the focus of the question can become how the theology of the resurrection comes alive in our lives. Luke 20 & 22 has Jesus teaching in the Temple, yet leaving each night (Luke 21, 37-38), much of his teaching concerning the changes to come.