by Br. Daryl Charron, C.PP.S.
This past week was a busy week in the Vietnam Mission. Nhan visited all our candidates in formation in the Highlands while I taught our remaining students English at Xavier Mission House. During Nhan’s absence I asked Truc and Loi to come celebrate Eucharist at Xavier Mission House. The two of them have back to back birthdays, so we also had that to celebrate at dinner after Mass was over. We also celebrated in the presence of Ton Sison and Sr. Hung Pham displaying our two resident artists, Ky and Diep’s paintings throughout the Xavier Mission House. They both are truly talented.
20160709_103105 On the weekend, Nhan and Daryl went to the Mekong Delta to help Hung Pham with her social work ministry. She works with Mr. Duong of Ai Tam. It is a social work business that does outreach to poor children in remote areas of Vietnam to provide education. We went to a remote island called Cu Lao Dung in the Soc Trang Province to deliver books and school supplies to students in all twelve grades. Mr. Duong said he would like to learn English from me. 20160709_105947He hoped that our missionaries could work with him and Hung in the future in their outreach programs to poor children, the handicapped and elderly.