from Lucia Ferrara, Hospitality Coordinator
Lots of events have happened at Precious Blood Center! Several groups met here for retreats and meetings. For example, the Northern Deanery met here for a day-long retreat and had lunch here as well. The Meeting Christ in Prayer group had their final session here in May. From the responses, people enjoyed their time here.
“Finding Peace at the Center” was the theme for our first annual Day of Prayer and Reflection on World Labyrinth Day, May 6th. Our presenter, Fr. Joe Nassal, C.P.P.S. led an introduction about finding peace within ourselves and others. After lunch, participants walked the labyrinth to contribute to a wave of peace across the world.
St. James 8th grade retreat was held here in May. Led by Fr. Timothy Armburster, C.PP.S., their day was filled with fun, games, and hot dogs on the grill! They also reflected upon their 8th grade year and the bright future ahead of them.
Pleasant Valley Baptist church Leadership Team spent time here focusing on their next year’s agenda for their church and came back the next day to experience a day of rest and renewal together.
“Growing in Awareness of the Qur’an” and how it relates to the bible presented by Biaggio Mazza was held the third Wednesday in May. The evening started off with food and fellowship followed by Biagio Mazza’s presentation. It was such a success that folks requested a Part Two!
Our “Circles of Understanding” sessions offer a path to greater connectedness to one another in peace and harmony on the first Wednesday of the Month. The group always begins with a simple dinner, fellowship, and hospitality.
The Jesuit Volunteers joined us for another retreat at the Center! The five young Jesuit Volunteers spent their time in prayer, reflection, and silence for five days. They also met with Fr. Timothy as their spiritual director. They commented on the tranquility and renewed spirit they experienced here.
One group that said they were overwhelmed by our hospitality was the Evangelistic Center Church Women’s Spring retreat. About 25 women of all ages joined together for a weekend of friendship and fellowship. During their retreat, they offered different classes for the women like “Intentional Living” and “A Godly Marriage.” A few days after the retreat, I received a letter from one woman that expressed how she felt during her time here and I wanted to share that with you:

Dear Lucia,

I finally have the chance to let you know that when I stepped in the door of the retreat Saturday, I could leave behind weeks of struggle through difficulties, as I walked in. I felt the sense of sweet welcome of His Presence. I realized so much had been lovingly prepared for me (us)! All day I was astonished by the fullness and variety of food and felt welcomed instead of merely tolerated. His loving comfort was there in your face when I saw you- A marvel that the Lord made a lovely combo of Mary and Martha when he created you- Thank You for your love, your faithfulness and hard work. I left refreshed! I love you Lucia!


This is what it is about folks: transforming one person at a time thru showing our tender love and acceptance for one another. For me, I have come realize that this is my ministry. Please remember the Center is a safe place for all people seeking rest, reconciliation, and renewal.
Just a reminder that our “Circle of Understanding” has moved to the first Thursday of every month, as well as our “Growing in Awareness” will begin meeting on the third Thursday of the month starting in July.
To make a reservation please call Lucia Ferrara, Hospitality Coordinator at 816-781-4344.