Enjoy a message from Sr. Mary Kevin, ASC who led the Companion retreat this past fall and winter. Allow her words to bring you back to that moment when we were refreshed and renewed in that sacred space, in that holy time. ~ The Companion Directors Team
Mother Marciana Heimerman was the Adorers’ first American General Superior of the Congregation from 1965 – 75. When she retired at the Wichita Center in 1992, she told me all she wanted in her little room in health care during her remaining years was a crucifix and a world map. Her desire kept her vision as big as the world and moved me profoundly! It’s what inspired me to bring along my “hug-a-planet” globe to each of the Companion retreats from September 2014 – February 2015. We used the globe to recommit our lives at the end of each retreat. What a joy to recall, what an invitation to renew, and such a constant cause for giving thanks! These memories inspired this reflection.   – Mary Kevin Rooney, Adorer


 by Mary Kevin Rooney, ASC

You’re called a “peace toy,” and you were in our midst in this retreat;
And YOU, were with us too, dear Covenant Maker,
Teaching us how dear we are to YOU – and Oh! How PRECIOUS!
YOUR Life flowed in our BLOOD, and we listened intently,
Trying to wrap our minds, our hearts, around this WONDER, this GIFT!
We saw our dear planet EARTH, held by the Elders in our midst,
We who were all colors, all ethnicities, all ways of saying ‘YES’- Companions, priests, and nuns –
Broken hearts among us, broken bodies too, as cancer made its way in some,
Each discovering THIS to be our WAY OF LOVE, our choice of LIFE!
We KNEW the JOY among us was the “ONE”- that YOU had entered in so silently,
Bewitching us with invitation: “Where there is love, there is your God”-
YOU seduced us all, and we said “YES,” oh Witness in our hearts!
YOU sent us out to BE, to TELL, to LIVE!
The fields were blue with waters of the world, with hopes of every human heart!
And we who “knew” came forth to take the “toy” into our arms, our lives,
To recommit and hold, embrace and bless this “toy” YOU love; And Covenant was made in silence absolute!
Oh Body, Blood of Christ, dissolve our hardness in YOUR “Yes!”