by Gerry Downs, Precious Blood Companion
Since the Lord makes use of humble souls for the grand works of his glory, and in order to come into special communion with God let us this year resolve upon an ever more perfect acquisition of the virtue of humility. May this virtue be the governor of our thoughts, affection, words and deeds that we may again find favor in the eyes of God. Sixth Circular Letter, 1832.
How many times must we forgive? If you do the math, as school children used to do, then I think you might see that even though you may have the correct answer mathematically, the correct answer religiously goes to infinity. How often do you need and want to be forgiven? Each time I know that I need forgiveness, I hope that God’s patience has not run its course in my case. I want and need almost continual forgiveness because of my human ability to be less than perfect. And if I want to be forgiven for everything I do wrong each time I do it, I need to realize that others who share this life with me need and want it too. Where have I failed to forgive? Where have I held grudges? Whom do I need to be reconciled with in my life today? Reconciliation does not mean that we forgive and forget. Only God seems to have the capacity to do that, the forgetting part, I mean. But when I remember the hurts that have been done to me, or which have been done by me, I need it to be a reminder not to make the same mistakes again.
Originally posted on the Gaspar Virtual
Spirituality Center, November 11, 2013