by Fr. David Matz, C.PP.S., Interim Director of Precious Blood Companions
It has been a busy year for the Companion Movement and it has been a privilege to walk with all of you, reconnecting, interviewing, and developing our vision statement, Gather, Send. As we come to the close of the year and the end of my second term as Companion Director, I want to say thank you for journeying with me, supporting the Companion Movement, and helping me move on to my next ministerial experience as pastor at St. Agnes Parish in Los Angeles, California. Companions are a vital part of our community life as Missionaries of the Precious Blood. I look forward to our continued cooperation as the vision set down in Gather, Send is implemented over the next several years.
To that end, I would like to introduce to you the next leadership team who will be now be working for and collaborating with the Companions Council. Our vision statement led us to develop two co-director positions for the 500 companions throughout the United States. These two persons were chosen from nine candidates and they come to us with a wealth of business, theological and ministerial experience. They will begin their service to our community on November 1, 2014. They are Kathy Keary, a Companion from the Kearney group in Kearney, Missouri, and Vicky Otto, a Companion from the Marin/Sonoma group who comes from Novato, California.
Kathy was Director of Adult and Faith Formation, Social Justice, Pastoral Care, and Sacramental Preparation for the past six years at the Church of the Annunciation in Kearney, Missouri. She has advanced degrees in both business management and theology. Upon reading Gather, Send, she wrote: “Drawing upon my gifts, zeal, education, and experience, I strive to embrace our new vision statement and be a motivating force guiding the companion movement into a future consistent with the dreams expressed in Gather, Send.” Please pray for her and look forward to meeting her as she travels to meet you in the new year.
Vicky was the pastoral associate/parish manager for the past 15 years St. Raphael Church in San Rafael, California. She also has advanced degrees in theology and business administration; her pastoral experience will be invaluable for the future of the Companion Movement. She shares, “Your need for a director appeals to my need for a role that offers hands-on involvement towards a goal that includes making measurable and positive impacts in a local community and a national program.” Vicky will be relocating to Liberty, Missouri in January, so we will welcome her and look forward to meeting her this next year.
The position of the Associate Director has yet to be filled by an Incorporated Member of the community. I will be working with both these co-directors throughout November and December. In January, I will continue to work on the periphery with our two co-directors until next summer when the Associate Director position hopefully will be filled.
We are at the culmination of a year of wonder, creativity, and planning. The Spirit has guided us and will continue to guide us into our future. As we continue to be nourished by the Blood of Christ may we, Companions and Incorporated Members, step up, stand out, and speak clearly of who we are as Missionaries of the Blood of Christ.