This is my chosen instrument to bring my name before Gentiles, kings, and Israelites.
This reflection was written in February, a time of anxiety and uncertainty for Latinos, especially those facing deportations. It felt like a persecution was happening in our country. We saw people who were intent on bringing down others by use of the law.
In the first reading Saul is intent on persecuting those following the Way. Ananias was fearful to follow the Lord’s direction to go to Saul. The Lord sent Ananias saying “this man is my chosen instrument to bring my name before gentiles and kings and before the people of Israel.” We too are directed by God to overcome our fears and speak the truth of the Way: Jesus.
Jesus came to teach us how to live and how to treat one another. We must remind each other constantly to live as children of God—not in fear but in openness to all people. Through the Eucharist, Jesus sustains and nurtures us. Jesus promises that through Him we have eternal life.
Cinco de Mayo is more an USA feast than a Mexican feast. It remembers the Battle in 1862 between the Mexican and the French armies. As we eat and drink Mexican food/drink today let us remember the gift of each person with their cultural heritage and welcome them into our lives as Jesus did.
Hispanic Ministry Team in the Diocese of Belleville:
Mrs. Lucia Barragan (ASC Associate)
Sr. Joan Hornick, ASC
Ms. Ada Jimenez (ASC Associate)