No one has greater love than this,
to lay down one’s life for one’s friend
When I think of this scripture verse, the idea of laying down one’s life for a friend, I think about veterans the men and women who fought in the building and preserving the freedom that we enjoy today as people living in the United States.
Paul F. Keller, my grandfather served in the Army during the Korean War and took pride in his military service to the country. At the same time his heart was torn every time our country would fight another war. He knew about the destruction that war brought to families. Grandpa spent just a few short years of his life in the military but in all reality he spent his whole life in risking his life for a friend. In the years that followed the war he spent his life providing for his family working in a local factory and farming. A trait that I will remember Grandpa for the most would be for his gift to garden. Each year as he got older, the garden was supposed to get smaller but still he had more than enough produce from his garden to give a way to neighbors, family, and many others.
Paul F. Keller, a man who was willing to give his life in the service our country so that others could live. A man who was willing risk his life throughout his whole life so that other people could live. Grandpa is one example of many people that risk their lives each day so others can live. I would imagine many of you can think of examples of such people. Today let’s remember those people who are willing to risk their lives so that other people can live.
Mr. Matthew Keller, C.PP.S.
Cincinnati Province