Our Lady of Zarvanytsia

Our Lady of Zarvanytsia

Anguish and Suffering in Ukraine
from Gabino Zavala, Justice and Peace Director

As Missionaries of the Precious Blood, we join people around the world in praying for the suffering people of Ukraine. We pray for peace. As always, war is a deadly failure and is not the answer no matter what reasons the Putin-led Russian government has given. We condemn the Russian invasion and bombing of cities throughout Ukraine.

We applaud the Biden administration’s ongoing efforts to resolve the crisis through diplomacy. We condemn the use of violence by the Putin-led Russian government. We call on all involved—Russia, Ukraine, Nato—and all nations to prioritize protecting human life by promoting the cessation of hostilities.

Over a century ago Pope Benedict XV warned against the “useless slaughter” of war. Today Pope Francis and the Bishops of Ukraine echo his warning. We stand with them is saying that war is always a failure of humanity. All of us are aware of the devastating consequences of war, in which the poor, the infirm, the marginalized are always the first victims.

Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine who are in anguish as they endure the violence, suffering, and devastation that this Russian invasion has brought upon them. Our hearts should break for lives lost and people displaced from their homes. We stand with the people of Ukraine who defend their homeland and cry out for peace. Let us join our voices to the plea of Pope Francis, “War, never again!”

Statement on the War in Ukraine and Provincial Donation for Relief Efforts
from the Kansas City Province Leadership Council

As Missionaries of the Precious Blood, our charism calls us to stand with all who are marginalized and oppressed, and we stand against the use of violence to assert power and control over others. The Russian leadership’s assault on Ukraine is immoral and a total disregard for human life and liberty. We condemn this action, and we encourage others to join their voices with ours. The people of Ukraine are our brothers and sisters, and we support them with our prayers and our voices, as we call for an end to the violence. We want to offer assistance to the many Ukrainian refugees fleeing the fighting. To this end, the Kansas City Province is sending $20,000 to Catholic Relief Services for Ukrainian refugee support. Please consider supporting our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in whatever way you can. Let us continue to pray for peace throughout the world, especially in Ukraine, and that the Spirit may soften the hearts of all leaders to end aggression and violence.