kellypictureDavid A. Kelly has worked for Kolbe House at Assumption, a parish-based jail ministry of the Archdiocese of Chicago since 1985. For more than thirty years he has worked as a chaplain in Cook County Jail and Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center. He has had experience working in jails/prisons in Ohio and Florida. In 2000 he, along with other members of his religious congregation, began the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (PBMR) to reach to create a place and effort for those who have been impacted by violence and conflict. The Precious Blood Center of Reconciliation reaches out to the one who has been harmed, the one who has done harm and the community. PBMR also strives to be a resource to other groups and communities who seek reconciliation. David is also active in Peacemaking Circle training. He received his B.S. in Bio-Chemistry from St. Joseph’s College, a Masters of Divinity, Masters of Arts in Cross Cultural Studies and a Doctorate of Ministry (D.Min) from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. His doctoral thesis is entitled: Responding to Violence among Urban Youth: a Restorative Approach. He has been trained and certified as a mediator from DePaul University and has received training in the restorative practice of Peacemaking Circles. He has published articles and spoken on reconciliation, restorative justice and jail/detention ministry.