by Fr. Joe Nassal, C.PP.S., Provincial Director
maria_mattias“Be cheerful and keep your heart in peace about all things,” St. Maria de Mattias wrote. “Our undertaking is God’s; it is in God’s hands (#648).”
St. Maria De Mattias was born February 4, 1805. Her feast day today is an opportunity to feel again the passion for the precious blood of Jesus that fueled her soul. Remembering her courageous witness invites us to touch again the spirit of Maria that gave birth to the Adorers of the Blood of Christ. As we hold our sisters, the Adorers, their lay associates, and the many people with whom they minister around the world in our heart and in our prayer in celebration of the feast of St. Maria De Mattias, may we take courage “in the Blood of Jesus which shelters you (Letter # 406).”