photo 2April 22, 2014
Father Dave Matz CPPS gave a Power Point Presentation on “ Becoming a Companion”….ANSWERING the CALL” to a special group of potential new Companions who were invited to the meeting by the Lake Mary Companions.
Father Matz began the meeting with prayer and reflection on  Precious Blood Spirituality, followed by two Bible readings.
The presentation outlined: What is a Companion, Companion Formation, Inquiry of the Four Deliberations, Chapter Sessions and Covenant Rite.  Father Matz placed emphasis on “ the core of being a companion is Relationship.
Trish Frazer, Companion gave her testimony on what being a Companion meant to her. She commented that “everyone has gifts to share with everyone” and that Precious Blood Spirituality has lead her into Community Life in a special nurturing, sharing her faith through hospitality that extends beyond borders.
The meeting closed with prayer, followed by food  and fellowship.
Submitted by Joann Peters, Lake Mary Companion