by Kathy Keary
Our Savior came to us as the Christ child
Placed in a manger, gentle, humble, and mild.
Though he seemed insignificant and quite small,
He brought the gift of liberation for all.
He was sacrificed to save us from our sin.
His holy presence we cherish deep within.
To his faithful followers, he passes on the light
To break through all pain and injustice in sight.
On this Christmas day, we honor and adore him.
We hear his message of hope when so much is dim.
Reaching out to the edges, he asks us to do the same
To include all in his circle of love in his sacred name.
We give our heartfelt “yes” to our king of kings
To unbind the chains until his freedom rings.
We listen for the whisper resounding in our heart,
His guiding words as we discern our sacred part.
            Merry Christmas, 
  The  Companion Directors Team