9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
April 12, 2014
Precious Blood Center
by Fr. Joe Nassal, C.PP.S.

There are various images that come to mind when thinking about the cross. Sometimes the cross is the bridge over which each of us must scramble to find our common ground. The cross is a ladder that allows us to climb into the very lap of God. Others view the cross as a door that affords us the opportunity to enter more deeply into our own story and the stories of others.
I once heard a priest describe the cross as “the doorway to God’s heart.” Imagine etched on the wood a welcome sign, “Peace to all who enter here.” God welcomes us into the Sacred Heart of Christ. But this doorway swings both ways. It is a revolving door because God, through the suffering and death of Jesus, enters our pain and redeems its.
But for many, the cross is more like a trapdoor than a revolving door. When the trapdoor opens, we fall. We all know that certain experiences open the trapdoor of our hearts. The loss of someone we love breaks down the door. Coming home to a certain truth about our lives can open the door. A humbling experience or unconditional love pushes the door open. If the door is stuck because it hasn’t been open in years, then pain works like a lubricant on rusty hinges to open the door.
On this Saturday before Palm Sunday, we will gather at the open door of the cross and explore the message and meaning of Holy Week through prayer, presentations, silent reflection, and storytelling. Lunch will be provided. All are welcome through the door of the cross.