by Maureen Lahiff, Alameda, California Companion
“The third time’s a charm,” or, in Spanish, “A la tercera va la vencida.” After being able to attend the Kansas City Province Assembly in 2012, 2013 and 2014, I feel fully connected; I have a future with the Precious Blood Family.
The last time I participated in a Province of the Pacific Assembly was 2004; the announcement of that province’s suppression came in November 2004. The Alameda Companion Group learned about the end of our province three weeks after the Missionaries returned St. Barnabas Parish to the Diocese of Oakland with scarcely a weekend’s notice, so it was a double loss.
We didn’t make covenant with the Kansas City Province until spring 2007, and even after we did, it still felt very lonely out here with so few incorporated c.pp.s. members in the Bay Area. One of the lowest moments was when one of our temporary administrators at St. Barnabas told me that I “had to stop pretending that the Precious Blood were still here.” Although he permitted our Companion group to meet at the parish, he certainly wasn’t a supporter!
The presentations at the Assemblies have been excellent, but they haven’t mattered as much as all the other components of the Assemblies. Participation in the liturgies has been affirming and nourishing. There are no words to capture what it means to hear the names of all the Pacific Companions who have gone ahead of us chanted on Monday night. Celebrating covenants and Jubilees have forged new bonds for me. Most of all, the wonderful welcome and all the conversations have built new connections. Having met people makes a big difference when we get news and prayer requests.
So it’s been a long ten years, but I now am a Kansas City Province Companion. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s made this possible!