Dear Fr. Uecker,

We are extremely grateful for the most generous grant of $10,000 from the Missionaries of the Precious Blood to the Most Holy Redeemer AIDS Support Group. The grant will allow us to hire a professional facilitator to lead a weekly facilitated support group for to10 people with HIV/AIDS.

Most of our 82 clients are long-term survivors and depend on government assistance. As long-term survivors, the clients attending this group are now facing additional problems. Most are isolated, having outlived their friends and other support. AII are facing emotional, social, and/or physical problems that stem from aging with an impaired immunity system.

We are hoping that this relatively small group will bond and provide emotional support for one another, to progress from isolation to community. We expect that the group will at some time be able to take on an independent life and we will be able to start a new group. Thus, we will be able to expand the number of people benefiting from the program.

Thank you again for the generosity of the Society.

Yours in Christ,

Peter Toms
Program Coordinator