On February 10-12, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ from Korea sent two of their leadership team members to Vietnam to discuss future ministry prospects in Vietnam for their sisters. Sr. Misook Kwak and Sr. HeeKyung Kim visited Saigon for two days to stay at Xavier Mission House to talk about the possibilities of the sisters working in collaborative ministry with our priests and brothers of the Vietnam Mission. They informed us that a decision was made from their leadership team that those among them who were the first Vietnamese sisters to go through the formation program would go back to Vietnam to do ministry after final vows.
This involvement in ministry in Vietnam could happen in just a couple years. Sr. Misook and Sr. HeeKyung explored the possibilities with those of us in the Vietnam Mission of the initial stages of finding a mission house for the sisters to live. We also talked about doing certain ministries together like ministry to migrants or single mothers with children or those suffering from domestic abuse. Overall, it was an exciting conversation with hopeful future connections and opportunity.