Summertime Medley at PBMR

by Sister Donna Liette, C.PP.S., Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation

Summer at PBMR

Summer at PBMR

It is such a joy to share with you the exciting medley of events which fill the “Good Ol’ Summertime” at pbmr with laughter, growth and harmony! The excitement began when Companion “Little Debbie” Bolin and Fr. Timothy Armbruster, c.pp.s. came from Sedalia, Missouri with three eager-to-learn young women. Despite many differences in culture, background and experience, pbmr youth and the young women soon connected and sought understanding through table conversation, sightseeing and circles. Becky, one of the Sedalia youth, wrote, “the boys may dress, talk, and look differently than we do, but it doesn’t mean that they have different feelings and dreams. To me the Precious Blood Center is like a rainbow in the neighborhood—offering hope!”

Summertime brings many youth to our door for food, safety, support, and a job! Ten participated in a program, “Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-by World” with work assignments in the afternoon. When I asked why they chose this group, all ten said, essentially, “so we can be safe at least for this hour and not be caught up in the crime and violence of our streets.” Another younger group participated in a daily circle sharing struggles, dreams, choices, and possibilities for their future.

A very exciting piece of our summertime medley was leasing a new building for the arts: painting, silk-screening, poetry slams, and hospitality brunches and lunches. There was great excitement as curious neighbors stopped by and boys and staff were moving art supplies from the main building to the “art on 51st.” One of our college youth was painting; others were cleaning and adding touches of beauty to a once vacated neighborhood building. In four days, staff and youth were serving a brunch to fifteen of our neighborhood poor and as we watched the joy and gratitude of those we served, we knew leasing and restoring this building would offer many possibilities to a neighborhood of boarded up buildings; a neighborhood with few opportunities or safe places to come together as community.

It was a summertime to enjoy a medley at pbmr of new life, new learnings and new relationships.

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