Precious Blood Volunteers Covenant

Precious Blood Volunteers Covenant

Precious Blood Volunteers is an opportunity for lay Christians to grow in their faith through Precious Blood spirituality. As a Precious Blood Volunteer I will do my best to live out the four pillars of the program with the prayer, support and hospitality of the Precious Blood community of priests, sisters, brothers and Companions.

Grow in Faith

Missionaries go out because they are called to go out. Missionaries have to be aware and ready to receive God’s call, however that may come. Regular prayer is a way to listen intently for this and helps to develop a closer relationship with Jesus, our brother. To grow in my faith I commit to:

  • Doing my best to create and maintain a regular practice of personal prayer
  • Being an active participant in community prayer
  • Being an active part of a church community
  • Having a greater awareness of God’s presence in others

Build Community

Precious Blood communities, especially mission houses, are more than a place to stay. Our founder, St. Gaspar del Bufalo, envisioned Precious Blood communities as places of hospitality and environments where community members can be challenged, supported and sent out. Community is a place to see God’s presence by breaking bread through prayer and fellowship. With this in mind I commit to do my best to:

  • Welcome others with warm hospitality
  • Be present with love and charity to the other members of my community
  • Be open to the ways community can help you grow
  • Keep my personal space clean out of respect for others
  • Be an active part of community responsibilities including prayer, gatherings, outings, regular house maintenance, and cleaning
  • Help maintain a safe, respectful and open environment for all community members and guests

Walk with Those Who Suffer

The charism, mission and apostolates of the Precious Blood are all informed and influenced by the spirituality of the blood of Christ. Christ’s shedding his Blood was for St. Gaspar and for members of the Precious Blood community a sign of God’s great love for all people. Christ’s blood is shed on the margins. Those margins are where people are suffering. As part of my volunteer experience I commit to:

  • Being present to others
  • Seeking out the presence of people who are broken and rejected
  • Listening to the hopes, dreams, and difficulties of people I encounter

Seek Reconciliation

St. Gaspar was called to found the Missionaries of the Precious Blood to draw all people nearer to Christ (reconciliation) in order to become a new creation (renewal). The world and the Church are always in need of reconciliation and renewal. I will seek to be an agent of reconciliation and renewal by:

  • Giving my best at my work
  • Being aware of the prophetic voices around me
  • Seeking to draw others to Christ through my example

I prayerfully and lovingly enter into this covenant and will make a sincere effort to live this covenant in my time as a Precious Blood Volunteer.

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