Gretchen Bailey, Alameda, California Companion
“What is necessary is that we maintain the intention of serving God without becoming discouraged. You are like a person who sings out, but at the same time, being deaf does not hear the harmony” (Gaspar del Bufalo to Mr. Giovanni Francesco Palmucci, June 24, 1824, #911).
To hear the harmony you need a little faith. You have to believe that you are not singing alone. You’ve got backup.
Do you ever wake up feeling like you’re carrying a great weight that rounds your shoulders and makes it hard to walk steady? Perhaps you have to focus to put one foot in front of the other to proceed through the day. Global warming, hunger, immigration, violence, abuse… The evil one would have you drown in your thoughts, wallowing in despair: it is easy to go there. If you do, remember that you are not alone. You are in communion with the Blood of Christ, equipped with the tool of prayer, medicine for the soul, tools to find water so the thirsty might drink.
Listen for the voice. Seek silence. Silence your own inner voice for a time so that you can find God’s voice. Finding courage in the quiet is difficult. Even though we are deaf, we must have faith. There is a chorus, a harmony amid the cacophony of sirens, super storms, radio news and stereos. There is breath, the Sacred Breath of tender mercy and reconciliation, the Breath of creation. Breathe. See if you can hear the gentle breeze. Somewhere someone is learning to sing. They might be off-key, but they don’t lack courage. Maybe it’s a kid singing the ABCs or a kid in a punk band, angry at the world, at the injustice. We might be surprised at how many voices are in that backup chorus trying to be agents of change in a world that’s been crazy since before the time of St. Gaspar.
Originally posted on the Gaspar Virtual Spirituality Center, November 28, 2013