Who We Are

Who are the Missionaries of the Precious Blood?

Missionaries of the Precious Blood is a welcoming community of priests, brothers, lay Companions, and volunteers who work in the service of God’s people. Our mission is to renew the Church and draw all people nearer to Christ.

Our members commit themselves in service to God and others. The ministry of our members in parishes, schools, colleges, hospices, hospitals, and social justice is inspired by Jesus’ example and love for all people. Read more about the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

Who is eligible to become a Precious Blood Volunteer?

Applicants have a desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus while serving people who are suffering. Candidates should be over the age of 18 with the skills, training or experience needed to adequately serve at their respective assignments.

We believe all people are created in the image of our loving Creator. As a result we welcome people regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, economic status, sexual orientation, age, or political affiliation.

How long is the commitment?

We ask volunteers to make a commitment of 6 months to one year to Precious Blood Volunteers.

What service opportunities are available through Precious Blood Volunteers?

We have placements in education, health care and social services. There is a wide variety of work available at each of these placements. You can read about these placements by going to our placements page.

How to Apply

What should I be thinking about before I apply?
Ask yourself the following question: Why do I want to volunteer for six months to a year?
If your answer to this question is a desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus while serving others then you are on the right track! You should also decide if you want to live in community with others, what kind of work you want to do in a service placement and where you want to live. Please email the director, Tim Deveney, or call 816-781-4344 for assistance in discerning your path forward.

If you are doing this solely because you can’t find a job, you might not want to apply.

What are the application deadlines?

For placements starting in July the early application deadline is February 15. After February 15 we consider applications as they are received.

We consider applications as they are received for placements starting at other times of the year.

How do I begin the application process?
This is the easiest question you’ve asked! Go to our applications page to apply.
What's the interview process like?
Two interviews (in person or a video interview) are required so we can make more informed decisions about who becomes a Precious Blood Volunteer. It is also an opportunity for you to make sure Precious Blood Volunteers is a good fit. Please go to our application page for more information.

Most of our placements also require an interview, usually over the phone, to make sure a volunteer fits in with the culture of their organization. Our placements have the final say over who serves there.

The Volunteer Experience

How long is a Precious Blood Volunteer's team of service?
You can serve for six months to a year. We give preference to applicants who are looking for a year of service.
Living with priests, how does that work?
Our past volunteers have talked about this being the part of the Precious Blood Volunteers program that caused the most apprehension. In the end many of our volunteers have talked about what a blessing it was to live with people experienced in community living and available for support.

Before entering into a living situation with priests it is helpful to remember that priests are human beings. They, like all people, have gifts and imperfections.

What should I bring with me during my volunteer experience?

Our community houses are fully furnished so you do not need to bring any bath towels, sheets, pillows, etc. You will need to bring personal toiletries and any items that you would like to have as décor in your rooms.

As far as clothes are concerned you do need to prepare for four seasons. You do need to keep in mind you will have to walk to the bus stop and wait for the busses in rain, heat, humidity, cold, snow, and possibly ice (normally not all at the same time). Each placement differs on dress code and the director of Precious Blood Volunteers will talk about this after you are accepted.

How will I be supported during my volunteer experience?
During your volunteer experience you will find support from your community, the Precious Blood membership, and your supervisors at your placement. We have spiritual direction available, monthly reflections, and spirituality/justice nights. Our Center facility is available upon request for personal retreats or renewal. See Precious Blood Volunteers for more information.

Additionally, the director, Tim Deveney, is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How do I take care of my living expenses?
You will receive a $200 a month stipend, room, board, a bus pass, and reimbursement for transportation to orientation and your placement. See Precious Blood Volunteers for more information.
What do I do to keep the student loan collectors from knocking down my door?
You will need to contact your lender for the appropriate forms. Volunteers usually are able to claim a hardship deferment. The Precious Blood Volunteers office will provide a letter to your lender with information your financial situation, your term of service and the type of work you are doing.
Can I have visitors?
Yes! Please make sure your community mates are okay with visitors and that there is room for them.

After My Service

What does Precious Blood Volunteers do to help me after my term of service?
The Precious Blood Volunteers office can set you up with vocational resources from the Precious Blood Vocations/Formations team and information on careers in the Catholic Church or in justice related organizations.

You also have access to entering programs like Catholics on Call, Marquette University’s Trinity Fellows program and other opportunities.

One way to access these resources you can go to our Current and Former Volunteers page.

How can I continue being a part of the Precious Blood family after my volunteer term is completed?

There are several ways you can continue to be part of the Precious Blood family. The easiest way is to go to our website to read The New Wine Press our monthly newsletter. You can also begin the formation/discernment process to become a lay Companion or religious.

How Do I Update My Contact Information?

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Get in touch!

Call (816) 781-4344 and speak with our Director, Tim Deveney. You may also email us at volunteers@preciousbloodkc.org or complete the form below.

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