Precious Blood Volunteers: Apply

 Now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Volunteer year.

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Here’s How to Apply

1. Complete the Application

Download and complete the application form. You’ll also need to include your resume with the application.


2. Provide References

Download the reference form and have your references complete and return the form to us at the address/email provided on the form.


3. Send in Your Application

The application includes an application form and resumé. Email as an attachment to or mail it to:
  Precious Blood Volunteers
  PO Box 339
  Liberty, MO 64069-0339


After You Apply, Here’s What to Expect:

Email Confirmation

We will confirm receipt of you application materials and references. We will begin to process your application. Once we have received your application, it takes 6-8 weeks to move through the entire process.

Personal Interview

Each application is given serious consideration. Qualified candidates are invited to be a part of two interviews in person or via a video service such as FaceTime or Skype. The first interview session is with a Precious Blood Volunteers’ staff person. The second is a group interview and usually includes a Precious Blood Volunteers’ staff member, at least one Precious Blood priest, and one other person from the Precious Blood community. Both interviews are designed to be conversational and we give candidates the chance to ask questions about the program. Before your first interview please be sure to spend time on our website learning about Precious Blood Volunteers. We especially recommend reading and being familiar with the Precious Blood Volunteers Covenant.


After the interviews we notify each candidate whether or not they have been tentatively accepted into the program. At this point we have a criminal background check done on each qualified candidate and refer qualified candidates for approval by their potential placements. Many of our placements ask to interview qualified candidates. We give our placements final say on whether or not a person serves there.


Get in touch!

Call (816) 781-4344 and speak with our Director, Tim Deveney. You may also email us at or complete the form below.

2130 Saint Gaspar Way, Liberty, MO 64068


Call Us: (816) 781-4344