by Br. Daryl Charron, C.PP.S.
The Vietnam Mission celebrated the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, our patron saint this past Saturday. Our celebration began with a Day of Reflection led by Fr. Tam Hoang. He focused on the topic of being responsible for the many gifts God created each one of us to uniquely have. Tam stressed the importance of affirming one another in our gifts to be offered for the good of the Community. His message was well received and taken to heart by our formation candidates.
During lunch we all heard from brother candidate, Diep Vu, of his recent volunteer work in Nha Trang upon the aftermath of the devastation caused by the typhoon. Diep did building repairs and electrical work for a group of nuns who suffered damage to their convent. Many thanks to Diep for offering his time and talents. We concluded our day with Celebration of the Eucharist followed by dinner. All of us in the mission are grateful for St. Francis Xavier who spread the gospel message in Asia.