“Always be happy, and everything will go along better.” These words of St. Gaspar to Missionary Father Innocenzo Betti in Letter 1185 still rings true today as we have recently enjoyed one another’s fellowship at the celebration of our founder’s feast day. We certainly showed great happiness at our celebration of the Feast of St. Gaspar here at Gaspar Mission House in Saigon. The occasion was happy for a number of reasons. The presence of nine inquirers to our Community made it especially joyful. Having Sr. Hang Pham, ASC and her five Sojourner candidates join us was also enjoyable. Being blessed in addition with the presence of one of our benefactors, Truong Nguyen, made us all feel all the more blessed and filled with gratitude.

It was a glorious event in which to build community through the celebration of the Eucharist and a festive meal to follow. Having been living in Gaspar Mission House for six months now, we felt it was a perfect time to bless our house along with our crucifixes, religious pictures and icons. Fr. Tam Hoang was our celebrant and Fr. Nhan Bui was our homilist and the one to bless our home. Br. Daryl Charron gave the words of welcome as well as an introductory prayer invoking the intercession of St. Gaspar. During our celebration of Eucharist we presented a sacred religious picture of the Madonna to our benefactor, Mr. Truong Nguyen. He manages a manufacturing plant in Saigon for New Balance Shoes. We are grateful for the many pairs of shoes that he has given us as well as an exercise bike and weight-lifting equipment. Our time together proved to be happy indeed!