The Missouri Senate debated SB127, “Right to Work” legislation this past week. I went with 25 other clergy/community leaders to a rally with Jobs with Justice this past Wednesday at the Capitol in Jefferson City in opposition to this bill. This lobbying effort was done in solidarity with the national rally in our nation’s Capitol on the same day. We all had a common message: “Right to Work” laws mean lower wages for union and non-union families and less safe workplaces. The quality of life is worse in states with “Right to Work” laws: poverty levels are higher in those states and people are less likely to have health insurance. Resources for education are lower and the likelihood of being killed on the job is greater.
Social justice demands that we oppose this legislation. Large corporations promote this kind of legislation supposedly for the benefit of workers; it is actually more for the corporations’ benefit and profit. I am proud of our Senator Ryan Silvey, who represents the Liberty/Claycomo area. Senator Silvey’s father and grandfather worked in unions, and he knows he represents many blue collar workers and their rights. He told us it is not very likely SB127 will pass. We thanked him for his efforts to oppose this legislation. On the other hand, Senator Rob Schaaf from St. Joseph favored the bill. I encourage our Precious Blood folks in St. Joseph to continue challenging Senator Schaaf to uphold the rights of workers and not be swayed by corporate interests. Thanks to all our Precious Blood Companions who have shared with me their recent efforts to support Jobs with Justice in their perspective states. Please keep up the good work.
Daryl Charron, C.PP.S.