PBVFC-Sept2013The Precious Blood Vocation Formation Conference (PBVFC) met in Ruma, IL, on September 26-28 for our annual gathering. This year our gathering was titled, “Sharing Our Story in Service and Commitment.” We invited Lori Benge, recently appointed Vocation Director of the ASC, and Tim Deveney, Director of the Volunteers for the Kansas City Province, to be our presenters. Lori, having worked with Sr. Rita, shared with us the history and development of the LifeChoice program. Tim shared with us about Emerging Young Adults and their understanding of commitment and service and where he sees the Volunteer program responding to that purpose. He also shared with us an overview of the Volunteer program, how it began, who our Volunteers are, and the ministries in which they are involved. In response to these presentations, we discussed possible ways of how we can continue to support one another in each of our ministries in reaching out to young adults who are discerning his or her vocation. We wish to further explore how to reach out to others via social media and online discernment tools. In choosing the theme, “Sharing Our Story in Service and Commitment,” we believe through telling our story and sharing our spirituality it will encourage others to further explore ministry with us. Through the Volunteer program, we hope to explore some alternate ways of commitment and service that may open some new possibilities of ministry in the future.