The Leadership Team of the Kansas City Province of the Missionaries of the Most Precious Blood is pleased to announce the following appointments:
Father Alan Hartway, C.PP.S., Kansas City Province representative, Community Life Symposium, Rome, Italy, July 23-28, 2017.
Father Peter Tam Hoang, C.PP.S., vocation director & member of Leadership Team for the Vietnam Mission, effective July 1, 2017. Father Hoang will be ordained to the priesthood on June 8, 2017. He has been serving as director of vocations for the mission since 2015. Father Tam will live at the House of Discernment in Ho Chi Minh City.
Father David Matz, C.PP.S., Pastor, St. Agnes Parish, Los Angeles, CA, effective July 1, 2017. Father Matz has been administrator of Saint Agnes Parish since January 6, 2015.
Father Joseph Miller, C.PP.S., Pastor, St. Francis Xavier Parish, Saint Joseph, MO, effective July 1, 2017.
Father Joseph Uecker, C.PP.S., Chair, Human Development Fund, effective July 1, 2017. Father Uecker has served as chair of the HDF for the past five years. This appointment is for another five-year term.
Father Ron Will, C.PP.S., Sabbatical, effective July 1, 2017, with residence at Precious Blood Center, Liberty, MO. Father Will joins the ministry team at Precious Blood Renewal Center, effective January 1, 2018.
Father John Wolf, C.PP.S., Kansas City Province representative, Community Life Symposium in Rome, July 23-28, 2017.
Father Mark Yates, C.PP.S., pastor of St. Patrick Church, Georgetown, IA, St. Peter Church, Lovilia, IA, and St. Patrick Church, Melrose, IA, effective July 1, 2017. For the past year, Father Yates has served as administrator of these three parishes in the Diocese of Davenport.
The Leadership Team has made several appointments to the LGBT Committee in recent months. Neil Mansuy is the new chair of the LGBT Committee, effective April 1, 2017. Neil replaces Sister Diana Rawlings, A.S.C., as chair of the committee. Sister Diana will continue to serve as a member of the committee. Companion Connie Swymeler replaces Companion Cathy Pankiewicz, effective May 1, 2017. We are grateful to Cathy for her many years of service. Father Garry Richmeier, C.PP.S., has also been appointed to the LGBT Committee, effective June 1, 2017.
We are grateful to these missionaries for accepting the call to be sent by the Blood of Christ in the spirit of St. Gaspar to be a reconciling and renewing presence in the Church and our world.
With peace in the blood of Christ,
Joseph Nassal, C.PP.S.
Provincial Director
Richard Bayuk, C.PP.S.
Thomas Welk, C.PP.S.
Ronald Will, C.PP.S.
Mark Miller, C.PP.S.