by Gabino Zavala, Justice and Peace Director
The United States Conference of Bishops started the Respect for Life Program in 1972 designating the month of October as Respect for Life Month.
This year’s theme is “Be Not Afraid.” We are all called to be a prophetic voice for life from conception to natural death. Being a voice and advocate for life can bring painful and difficult challenges, but acting to protect life in all of its stages is always the right choice. We raise our voices against abortion, the death penalty and euthanasia. We speak prophetically against war and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. We decry Racism, all types of discrimination, the trafficking of human persons, the sale of assault weapons. We advocate for those on the margin and in the shadows, for Refugees and for just immigration laws, for access to health care for all and access to education. We raise our voices for the care of our common home. These are all life issues.
We are called to respect all human life in light of intrinsic dignity as having been created in God’s image and likeness. During this month of October please hold a different life issue in prayer every day. Let us act on behalf of life. Be not afraid.