We hope everyone has been healthy this week. Here are the Precious Blood resources that have posted since last Friday. Also included are links to some of the virtual Masses for Palm Sunday from places you might not regularly visit. Hey, if we have to go to Mass virtually, it might be nice to visit some of the world’s landmarks!

Video- Creating a Perspective on the COVID-19 Crisis, from Fr. Garry Richmeier: https://preciousbloodkc.org/message-from-fr-garry-richmeier-c-pp-s/

Text- A Holy Week Retreat, Day 1-Palm Sunday, by Fr. Joe Nassal: https://preciousbloodkc.org/a-holy-week-retreat-from-fr-joe-nassal-c-pp-s/

Video-“Tapping the Wine Cellar” Gospel reflection for April 2nd with Fr. Keith Branson, Vicky Otto, and Tim Deveney: https://www.facebook.com/396121670519197/videos/244769186701173/

Video-Fr. Ron Will’s Lenten Reflection 3: https://youtu.be/Iqx1wx6geCY

Video-Fr. Ron Will’s Lenten Reflection 4: https://youtu.be/zWfGSOOgsqQ

Text-Reflections from Precious Blood Renewal Center: https://www.pbrenewalcenter.org/blog/tag/contemplative-life/

Resource Page-Cincinnati Province Resources, including live stream Mass links and articles: http://cpps-preciousblood.org/2020/03/covid-jump-off/

Cincinnati Province Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Missionaries-of-the-Precious-Blood-Cincinnati-Province-199797412107/

Resources for Palm Sunday
The readings for Palm Sunday

Fr. Keith Branson’s homily for Sunday

Virtual Masses