Since so many people are sheltering at home during the COVID-19 crisis, we thought it would be helpful to provide a round-up of resources that the Kansas City and Cincinnati Province communities have posted over the last week. The links below include print, photo, and video materials from both provinces.

Video-“Tapping the Wine Cellar” Gospel reflection for March 29th with Fr. Keith Branson, Vicky Otto, and Tim Deveney:

Text-Reflection on 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of Oscar Romero, by Fr. Joe Nassal:

Video-Fr. Ron Will’s Lenten Reflection 1:

Video-Fr. Ron Will’s Lenten Reflection 2:

Text-Reflections from Precious Blood Renewal Center:

Photo-Prayer to St. Gaspar During the COVID-19 Crisis:

Video-Fr. Timothy Knepper Reflection for March 25:

Text-Checklist of Hope by Fr. Angelo Anthony:

Video-Fr. Timothy Armbruster Reflection 1:

Video-Fr. Timothy Armbruster Reflection 2:

Text-Reflection from Greg Evers (in formation):