by Elizabeth Heule, Director of Precious Blood Center
As we head toward the end of our summer, the Center remains busier than ever, hosting multiple events and programs.
The Needs Assessment discussed at our Assembly in June is completed. We have received a full presentation report and an executive summary. Documents can be accessed at the following links:
Executive Summary of Needs Assessment 2014
Full Presentation Report
The results of the Needs Assessment and the experiences of the past 2½ to 3 years—in particular, the increase in number of our guests—indicate a real desire and need for a place of renewal in our area. As hoped, the Needs Assessment helps us to focus our forward movement in developing the province center as a place of renewal and reconciliation.
Please review and respond with your thoughts. It is important to hear from our community, as we consider the opportunities for expansion of our market reach and programming offerings. With the Center Advisory Council our plans are to formalize the vision and mission based on the insights gained from the assessment, our experience of the past years and your responses. In addition we will continue to work to develop a plan for appropriate facility changes, most immediately responding to separation of public and private spaces, program offerings, operations plan and a marketing plan.
My hope is to have all information gathered and assimilated to meet with the Advisory Council mid-October, 2014.