IMG_0045Sister Simone Campbell, C.S.J. from Network, a national Catholic social justice lobby, spoke to a large crowd at Community Christian Church on the Plaza in Kansas City on Thursday August 8 about ways to address the growing disconnect between people in this country who are living in poverty and the wealthiest Americans. Her talk started out with people (including our own Stephanie Schell, Dick Bayuk, Garry Richmeier, and Elizabeth and Michael Huele) showing the large difference in income gains for the top 95% of households and the step backwards that the lowest income earners have had over the last 70 years. The point of her illustration was to show how far separated the top 5% and especially the top 1% of household incomes has become. She kept coming back to a plea that we make sure that the top 5% knows the realities of the bottom 20% and that we, as a nation, need to be 100%.