by Louise Warren
Louise Warren was one of the first convenanted of the Park Falls Precious Blood Companions in 1993, and at 103 years old, the oldest Companion in the country when she died. She was a great influence on her group and kept reading everything about the Companion groups and other community mailings she received. Preceded in death by her 12 siblings, husband and son, she is survived by her daughter Virginia (mentioned this article), 9 grandchildren, and 59 great and great-great grandchildren. She will be greatly missed.
This article originally appeared in Celebrate Life, September/October 2000.In 1940, at age 32, I was told by my doctor that I had tuberculosis. It came as a terrible shock. I was married and had an 8-year-old son whom I had to leave with my husband and mother. Five days later, I was a patient in a TB sanatorium in Bayfield, Wisconsin, a town about 75 miles north of my home. I did not waste any time in going, as I was so afraid that I might have passed this germ on to others. My family, thank God, was safe.
About a year later, the upper part of my lung had healed, and, as long as I was of no danger to others, I could go home for a long-awaited visit. I was home for two weeks and very happy. This was in November. By January, I knew that God had at last answered my prayers for another child.
However, as soon as I told the doctor about my pregnancy, he told me that I still had TB in the lower lobe of my lung and that it was not healing. The doctor said that he had planned some sort of surgery for my TB, which now I could not have.
One day, the doctor said that he would take me to see a doctor in Ashland, Wisconsin. I figured it was for a checkup. Unbeknown to me, they had planned for me to have an abortion. Believe me, I spoiled those plans in a hurry. I asked, “Is this why you brought me here? Well, no way, only God can take this baby from me.”
Both doctors were angry with me, and they said it could mean my death. I said, “I will pray to live long enough to give life to my baby.” Although I walked out of the office very scared, I did not change my mind for one moment.
A couple of months later, the doctor ordered a checkup. When he came back to my room, he had a big smile on his face. To this day I get chills at the good news he told me. He said, “Louise, I have good news for you. This baby is doing for you what no doctor could do. The baby’s head is holding up this part of your lung, and it has started to heal.” Every month, the doctor fluoroscoped me, and the baby continued to do her job.
Six months later, I was taken to the hospital and gave birth to a beautiful 6-and-a-half-pound baby girl. As my good sister offered to live with us until I could get back on my feet, I was allowed to stay at home and only returned to the sanatorium for the X-ray that told me I was completely healed. There was no sign of TB. This is what my baby and I still call “Our Miracle.” God knew the exact year and month when I would need this baby. I am forever grateful.