DominicGentle hammer tapping from the basement of Schaefer Mission House described the progress of Dominic Nhan Bui’s summer project: this lovely carving of Saint Gaspar. Inspired by the visioning process for the Vietnam Mission, which took place in June this year, Dominic began carving the image of Gaspar and his home country. The imagery is striking—Vietnam is shown with its center looping in the dove’s mouth, a sign of the country’s struggle to come together. The dove of the Holy Spirit has its back leg raised (which you have to look closely to see) as a sign of waiting. Gaspar holds a tablet testifying to the Bond of Charity, which holds us together in community around the world. The Mission Cross has the Chalice added to emphasize the Precious Blood. As with any other work of art, the symbolism draws us deeper and may reveal more as we experience it over time.
Fr. Joe Nassal, C.PP.S. blessed the carving at Mass at Precious Blood Center on Wednesday, August 13th. Many thanks to Dominic Nhan Bui, C.PP.S. for bringing this wonderful piece to life. It will be in residence at Precious Blood Center, Liberty, Missouri and help keep us bonded with our Brothers in Vietnam.