September 19, 2016
Dear Friends,
Thank you for your prayers during the Meeting of the Major Superiors of the Precious Blood in Rome, September 12-18. There has been a noticeable change in leadership throughout the worldwide congregation. Only five provincials and/or mission directors from the previous Major Superiors meeting in Tanzania in September 2014 were present at this meeting. All the rest of the provincials and mission directors, including our own Brother Daryl Charron of Vietnam, were elected or appointed in the last two years. Br. Daryl is doing very well and sends his regards and prayers to all of you!
We had a full agenda that included an extensive discussion on reimagining our future. We reviewed and revised the policy, Criteria for Reconfiguring a Province or Vicariate that was approved at the C.PP.S. Major Superiors meeting in 2002. We also approved a policy on a member working in the apostolate in another C.PP.S. province, mission, or vicariate; and a procedure for sharing financial resources between C.PP.S. units.
I will have much more to report concerning our gathering in Rome, including information concerning preparation for the Community Life Symposium that will be held next summer in Rome. But today I thank you for your prayerful support and ask that you to keep community leadership in your prayers. Next week in Chicago, September 26-28, the provincials and councils of the Atlantic, Cincinnati, and Kansas City Provinces will be meeting with Fathers Bill Nordenbrock and Emanuele Lupi of the General Curia to discuss the future of the Precious Blood in North America. On September 29, the Cincinnati and Kansas City provincial councils will meet to focus on those areas where we are collaborating, including vocation ministry, formation, and Companions.
As always, we meet in prayer!
With peace,
Fr. Joe Nassal, C.PP.S.
Provincial Director