The God who made the world and all that is in it . . . gives to everyone life and breath and everything.
As the flowers of Spring burst forth around me, I am called to reflect on our care of the universe. God has given us “life, breath, and everything.”
What is my response as I strive to live in a manner that will preserve God’s creation for the generations still to come?
I rise each morning with hope as I recite the Morning Offering and my vows. As the rainy clouds spawn a rainbow which melts into sunshine, I am encouraged to be cheerful, live simply, and greet each person I meet as Christ. As I walk to Mass I savor the trees’ new growth, feel the bite of the morning breeze, and appreciate the activity of life awakening around me.
As the day progresses, I thank God daily for the gift of retirement that gives me time to pray as I color mandalas, do research on sustainable practices, be mindful of living simply and caring for the use of water and energy, and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation around me.
Sr. Marcella Parrish, SSMO
Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon