Not to us, O Lord, but to your name give glory.
Perhaps many of us have had the experience of hearing someone else praised for something that we did.   And that was followed by the prick of anger that made us want to yell out, “Hey, I did that!”
Today’s readings present us with a similar, yet quite different, situation.   A situation where Barnabas and Paul received much praise for something they did. And yet, like Jesus in the Gospel, they were very aware and quick to say that the glory did not belong to them, but to their God who should receive all the credit.
How appropriate is this time after Easter to begin giving credit where credit is due like that!   As a Christian I am very well aware that it is the Holy Spirit working in me that encourages and empowers me to use my talents, skills and inspirations to bring God’s love and blessings to others. But I am not always so quick to admit it.   As a Precious Blood sister I say that I want to allow Christ to use me as an instrument of his redeeming love,* but in everyday situations I do not so readily give the glory to God.
During this Easter Season I want to invite Christ once again to use me as an instrument of his redeeming love, and I want to learn to spontaneously refer any praise I receive to God’s glory, and not hold on to it for my own pleasure.
Sr. Rosemary Russell, C.PP.S.
*CONSTITUTIONS:   Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, O’Fallon, MO   #3 Pg. 8