The Holy Spirit said: “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”
From the moment of birth until death I am on a journey. Just as Paul and Barnabas were singled out by God to do His work, so am I and so are you. But how do I know what that work is. A clue is contained in the reading of the day when I am asked to open myself up to the movement of the Spirit by prayer and fasting and having others pray for me. All this demonstrates to me that it is a movement from within, a deep sense that this is how God calls me to be fulfilled as a human being. I risk and do what I believe the spirit is asking of me and leave the results up to God and trust in his loving kindness.
My task is to share the light that I have been given and to proclaim God’s word by my actions and not just by my words. I need to follow Jesus. Jesus is the path, not the destination. I need to be more like Him because in following in His footsteps the Kingdom of God is made manifest in the here and now. It truly becomes a “aha” moment, not just for me, but for all.
Rev. Ron Wiecek, C.PP.S.
Atlantic Province