Mission Statement

Motivated by the Gospel’s call to justice and rooted in a spirituality of reconciliation, we follow Jesus’ example of inclusion by ensuring that all people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender have a place at the table.

Who We Are

The Precious Blood LGBT Ministry is a collaboration of lay associates, members and friends of the various Precious Blood communities in the US. Founded by a long line of prophetic voices, our religious communities are devoted to the Precious Blood of Christ and called to be compassionate healers and a life-giving presence to an alienated and broken world. We bring a radical love to the world through service. The Precious Blood LGBT Ministry was developed to foster dialogue and build relationships with our brothers and sisters who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

We Strive:

  1. To increase the awareness and understanding within our Precious Blood congregations, families, associates, co-workers and those we serve about the needs of those who identify as LGBT.
  2. To provide educational opportunities that will encourage dialogue and an increased understanding of the gift of human sexuality.
  3. To create safe spaces that invite and encourage dialogue that fosters relationship in order to decrease fear and increase compassionate understanding regarding the gifts of human sexuality.
  4. To continue to reach to the margins in our ministry, particularly to LGBT persons, affirming the dignity of all.
  5. Precious Blood spirituality seeks to stand in the breach with those most in need, offer hospitality and hope, restore relationship, and call for reconciliation and renewal in a broken and wounded world. We inform, enhance and expand this spirituality through experiences, perspectives and listening to the voices of the vulnerable, including LGBT persons.

We Offer:

  • Workshops for Precious Blood communities and other organizations regarding issues that impact LGBT persons
  • Articles for publication
  • Educational resources for parishes and other religious communities
  • Liturgical resources
  • Consultations regarding program development
  • Spiritual support and guidance
  • Spirituality programs that can be utilized at parishes, schools or other organizations

How to Get Involved

Contact the provincial office to learn more about the LGBT Ministry: 816-781-4344.